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300 pc Cerromar Beach Bud Jones Coin Inlay Casino Chip Set

$350.00 $599.00

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Cerromar Beach
Highway 693
Dorado, Puerto Rico 00646
Type: Land Based Casino
Status: Closed
Open: 1971, Close: 2006

This is a RARE find.  There were only 5 sets available for sale... NOW 3.  These classic chips come in the following denominations:

  • (50)   $5   Red with White Stripes
  • (150)   $25   Green with White Stripes
  • (100)  $100   Black with Green and White Stripes

These chips are in great condition and ready for use. These are the Real Mccoy. The manufacturer, Bud Jones PAULSON (GPIC) has announced they will no longer make coin inlay chips (NOT EVEN FOR CASINOS), making the demand skyrocket and collectors circle like sharks for this traditional and elegant chip. 

The Cerromar Beach Casino was an institution in Puerto Rico, never to be forgotten! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm sure you will be pleased.  RACKS NOT INCLUDED.