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About us

Welcome to The Chip Vault!  We are Nick and Jim, former owners of Nevada Jacks LLC, a casino chip manufacturer.  Having produced gaming chips for casinos world wide and private gamers across the globe, we are industry experts.  As founders of Nevada Jacks, we created the famous Nevada Jacks (Deadman) as well as the Desert Sands brands.  Nevada Jacks was eventually rebranded to customizedpokerchips.com and sold.

What most people do not know is that we actually got started buying and selling authentic casino chips well before the inception of Nevada Jacks.  We have bought and sold casino chips for over 15 years!  We are experienced Ebay sellers as well as ecommerce operators.

The Chip Vault is our latest venture into bringing you the finest, rarest and most authentic casino chips found anywhere in the marketplace.

We collect and sell casino chips because it is our passion!

Have a question?  email -  leap (at) silverfrog.com