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We're Back! Offering the Finest Casino Chips Available

After a long sabbatical, Nick and Jim are back at it!  We are proud and excited to launch THE CHIP VAULT!  The Chip Vault is our platform for bringing you amazing Casino Chips, Casino Chip Sets and other Casino Collectibles.  We are more than just an ecommerce site though.  We bring more value by providing history, news and other tid bits that flesh out our items, making them more than just casino chips.

We are constantly on the look out for real casino chips from around the world.  More than just the chips we get the background of the chips and the establishments that they originated from.

Having collected and sold the finest casino chips for over 15 years, we hope to share this with you.

To celebrate the opening of The Chip Vault, we are offering chips from the Condado Plaza of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  These are rare and beautiful Bud Jones Coin Inlay Chips.  Keep checking back for more releases from the Condado and other casinos.

It's great to be back!